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Smart Amenity Bookings for Hands off during COVID-19

The reality that was experienced by most residents living in apartment buildings, condos & HOAs who wanted to access their pool areas, gyms, lounges, BBQ areas, tennis courts, you name it — closed down at the hands of COVID-19, leaving residents and property managers in an awkward situation.

Historically, apartment buildings, condos and HOAs provide an attractive offer for dwelling-seekers. For busy workers in bustling cities, students, single individuals & the elderly, the low-maintenance and location combined with in-house amenities can often be the main selling points when choosing where to live. Latest census data from 2016 in Canada shows that nearly 45% of the population lives in some variation of apartments and shared buildings(1) while in the United States, 54% of renters live in buildings with 2-5+ units.(2) This goes without saying, the closing of amenities in these buildings to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 was and still is a new challenge for property managers.

”Hey can you make us an app?”

In May of 2020, one of our longtime clients, a property management company that operates in Toronto and Ottawa approached us with an idea — why not develop a new app to combat the amenity problem? So we did. With their extensive feedback we created Smart Amenity Bookings to provide a tool to property managers that have to work with restrictions and safety measures. In a few short weeks, we quickly learned a lot about amenity booking and what challenges need to be solved, and elements to consider. Here is what the process looked like:

First, there’s organizing your amenities

Most buildings have multiple amenities to manage, so naturally we wanted property managers to have a simple and clean dashboard to see all their amenities in one place. We also added indicators for the number of pending bookings, approved and declined bookings

Amenities inside amenities

Now that users could create their amenities, we realized that in lots of cases, amenities need to be broken down into other amenities. The most common occurrence was the gym, where each individual machine, free weight area, stretching area, etc. had to be managed separately. Taking that into account, we made it possible to link amenities to others by selecting a parent. This way property managers were quickly able to assign each amenity to a more general category if needed. At the system level, the parent had its own set of rules and each amenity could have their rules too.

Capacity Levels — changing restrictions

As restrictions continue to be implemented and changed throughout the months, property managers have to be able to make quick changes that will keep their amenities in check. The first of which is setting capacity levels. If the regulation allow for only 10 people in your gym at once, then you can set a maximum of 10 at all times. As bookings come and go, spots open up and the system always checks to make sure the capacity is respected.

Now to take things one step further, if you want to set capacity levels for your individual amenities like each gym machine, you can also do it, and the system runs checks to ensure that your Gym level restrictions are still respected.

Booking Options & Payment

Flexibility is key when it comes to booking options, some amenities may be closed during certain time frames or only open on certain days of the week. Property managers can also enable fees for their amenities and allow the residents to complete the payment portion online.

Having the right property manager (with the right tools) is essential to most property investors. This is a great overview of the market and how getting the right people on the job makes a world of a difference in a thriving market. Keeping your properties occupied, profitable and running smoothly is vital. A team of property managers using Smart Building Apps is the perfect way to a well oiled machine making profits for you year over year.

What do you think? How has using property management software helped you thrive?

If you don’t have one yet, as a property management business, what are you waiting for? Book a demo now!

Managing a number of properties can be time consuming, costly, and requires a lot of paperwork.
However, what if there was a way for property managers to keep up with each of their properties while saving time and money? No, it’s not too good to be true. In fact, property management software like Smart Building Apps have become the newest, and greatest way to manage properties right from your device of choice.

Today we want to share with you why Smart Building Apps aid in the success of property management companies and how your business can benefit from them. Not only will we be sharing our favorite property management tips but we’ll also show you how success is merely at your fingertips.

Portfolio Management

Keeping track of all of your properties can take up a lot of desk space, computer space, files, and paper. Because going green is now the latest trend on the business front it’s only natural that property
managers find a way to go green while keeping up with their properties in order.

Billing & Invoicing

Why complicate the billing and invoicing process when Smart Building Apps make it so much easier? Not only do building apps offer property managers a paperless structure, they also give managers a safe and secure way to process payments from their tenants.

Maintenance Management

If you own an apartment building, office building, or any other kind of commercial building then you know maintenance requests come in on a regular basis. Because it’s important for you to get to those maintenance requests in a timely manner while keeping up with your own maintenance requirements, Smart Building Apps allow for an increased, effective workflow for you and your maintenance team.

Tenant Database

Because property management software like, Smart Building Apps are user friendly and provide a quick and transparent setup it becomes easy to keep track of all of your tenants. Keep them in one place without having to go through a bunch of paperwork. Most building apps even offer tenants a
survey to take at the end of their lease.

Vacancy Tracking

Keeping track of all of your vacancies can be a headache, especially when you manage multiple
properties. However, because Smart Building Apps are optimized for most devices and provides a rich data history and internal notification system knowing when you’re going to have a vacancy coming up makes it easier to rent out properties in a timely manner.

Tenant Portal

Tenant portals have become extremely popular in the last few years. With Smart Building Apps your tenant can have a place to submit maintenance requests, use the easy to use messaging system to ask questions, and overall feel well taken care of because of the convenience of using the tenant portal. Happy tenants, happy property manager.

Expense Management

If you’re not correctly and efficiently keeping track of your expenses you’re probably spending more than you need to. With Smart Building Apps not only do you become more productive, you also
become more decisive with how you are spending.

Start sending notices to residents and staff via SMS short messaging system. Timely notifications alert you to any activity within the property management software system. This is an opt in service available for residents and management.

Smart Building Apps is an all-in-one cloud based property management software system. Our software helps you manage hundreds of properties saving you time and money. Hence, our cloud based system allows you access from anywhere in the world. So, monitor one or multiple properties just as easy. Learn to reduce office face time and start to enjoy the benefits of a live tracking system.

We learn there are a handful of must-haves. The ability to easily collect rent. Manage maintenance requests. Advertise to new tenants. The challenges of a robust accounting. Reporting and document management. Everyone can met our features requirements. Therefore, we test each app for ease of use and customer service.


Our Payment Portal is a fast, reliable, secure and convenient feature for residents. Payments can be processed for amenity bookings, rent, application fees, guest suite payments, HOA fee and maintenance fees. Online transaction methods include echeck, EMT, check scanning, debit and credit card.

Our Maintenance Request/Work Orders app allows residents to schedule a repair or report a maintenance concern for their unit. Include a description of what needs to be repaired and grant access to your unit without the need to be home. Request your free demo today and get started on a simple and easy property management solution.

Our GPS Action Tracker application gives all property managers piece of mind when it comes to managing their staff. PM’s can simplify their workload and begin tracking their team based on their interactions with the software. Sign up now and get started today with our all-in-one software system.

Create and publish tenant satisfaction surveys and voting polling systems. Our survey system allows property managers to receive input from their residents or get consensus on building issues. With 4 types of forms to choose from, surveys can quickly be created and sent to staff and residents. Contact a Smart Building Apps associate to get started now! [email protected]

For the protection of all residents, our property management software features an Incident Report app. This fillable safety and security report form can be filled out by residents or by the security manager on duty. App also includes a police report section. To get started with a free demo of our software, contact us now!

Use our Document Library application to upload and share all building and property documents including rules and regulations. Building management has permission-based controls to limit which files are accessible to which residents and management teams. Supported documents and programs include Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe and Images. Contact us today for your free demo and get started with an all-in-one property management software!